Grenadiers News · School Spirit is Alive!

I was once told that the pulse of a school is felt through the spirit of a schools athletics.  I for one believe that wholeheartedly and this fall is a great example of this. Our Football team is on a roll right now having won their third straight game in a row and moved their overall record to 4-3!  Add to that one of those games was the much coveted Boot game, in which our team totally crushed University 42-3! Talk about a great win?…Our fan base was in great form that night as they all showed up wearing White to promote the White Out look that provided us the Avalanche needed to bury the Cougars.  Then for a grand encore our Grenadier Gridiron Gang came to play once again for a Homecoming win, thrashing Cypress Creek 49-20 this past Friday night. Not sure the last time our football team had a winning record of 4-3, with three wins in a row, had the Boot in hand and enjoyed a great Homecoming Dance knowing we just won our Friday night game, it’s been years and it feels really good right now.

Throw in some great efforts by other teams, the boys Bowling team sitting on a record of 9-1 and our golf teams showing healthy gains of growing achievement along with our swimmers and cross country runners and you get the feeling that there is a lot of positive energy flowing through the campus these days.  This kind of condition is quite contagious and I hope there is no cure!

I am not a doctor, but it feels like our pulse is running hard and strong right now.  That makes for one healthy school!