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No Place Like Home

In 1978 I graduated from high school, packed my car and headed to college with high hopes of returning one day a better man.  As I watched my home town fade away in the rear view mirror and with  butterflies in my stomach fully understanding of the great challenges that lie ahead I also carried with me a goal of being a teacher and a coach in four years.  Those four years passed like they were days most likely because I was so excited to follow my dream of being a coach and heading back to where it all started for me.   A college degree later that gave me the piece of paper allowing me to teach and coach, my car finally took the U-Turn and headed home.  In 1982 I was given the opportunity to coach at my Alma Mater.  I was a football coach on the very field in which I suited in armor just 4 years earlier.  It’s kind of a surreal kind of feeling to go from pads to a whistle in such a short period of time at the very place in which I once played.  At 22 years of age I was only 6 years older than most players, yet I felt ready and more importantly at home.

The next five years I grew even more and so did the football program.  I was very fortunate to be surrounded by incredible coaches and a community that was so familiar and supportive.  The best part of my dream come true was the blessing to be part of program that was once the door mat of the league to perennial champions!  This was a very special time in my life not only because of the success I was experiencing but it was on grounds that I had given skin to.  I had given blood, sweat and tears to my school and it was easy to do.  That school was my home and those kids and fellow coaches were my family.

As an Athletic Director a big part of my job is to find coaches that will give of themselves in a manner that will provide our programs the best chance to be successful.  Many resumes come across my desk that shows all kinds of experience, incredible backgrounds, and wonderful references.  But there is nothing like having a resume that reads, “Graduated from Colonial High School”.  I know what that means.  There is an intangible there that no one else can measure up to.  We are fortunate to have seven coaches on our staff at CHS that can all say they are Grenadiers, which reaches well beyond the coaching status they carry at our school.  Once upon a time they too suited up and did battle for our colors and the pride of our school.  Next time you see Cindy Richardson, Katie Short, Alyssa Wilson, Taryn Rutkoviz, Andres Fernandez, Erik Sterchele and Josh Pavlicek, please thank them for coming home!  We are all better because of them and It’s all because ….


It’s Great to be a Grenadier!